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Director Profiles

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Neilie O’Leary Chair (17/02/1952)2021-01-29T17:12:11+00:00

Neilie has been involved with Bantry Rural Transport since its inception and was one of the people who helped establish the Organisation back in 2002. He is a committed Board member since and has served as Chairman for the past six years. During this time, he oversaw the transition from West Cork Rural Transport to Local Link Cork and taking over the responsibilities of the entire County. In a personal capacity Neilie is farming and heavily involved in the IFA particularly in the sheep sector. He served on the National panel of the IFA. He is also very involved in local Community activities including Chair of the local GAA Club, Men’s Group, Chair of the local CE Group and others

Con McCarthy (06/10/1951)2021-01-29T17:12:39+00:00

Con joined the Board in 2012 and has served as secretary for the past six years. Like Neilie he is also very involved in his local Community and is a retired Farmer. He worked in the HSE mental health side until his retirement. He is a Board member of an number of Organisations including the local LEADER Partnership.

Mike Goodall (30/04/1962)2021-01-29T17:13:03+00:00

Mike has been involved in the Organisation since its inception and he too was one of the people help establish the initiative. He has been a Board member since 2002 and serves as joint treasurer. He is an accountant by profession and runs his own retail business in Bantry. He is very involved in the Bantry Traders Association and the Tidy Towns.

Fergal Conlon (23/07/1968)2021-01-29T17:13:24+00:00

Fergal is involved since 2002 also and is another Board Member who helped establish the Organisation. He is an economist by profession and works fulltime in the local Partnership Company. He is particularly involved in supporting employment initiatives and helping people back to the workplace. Fergal also served as Chair for a period and is now joint treasurer.

Michael Collins TD (26/02/1968)2021-01-29T17:13:47+00:00

Michael joined the Board in 2008 and is very involved in local Community activities. Prior to becoming a TD he served as a Councillor on Cork County Council and involved in Community Council and other local Organisations.

Siobhan Crowley (25/05/1978)2021-01-29T17:14:07+00:00

Siobhan joined the Board back in 2008 and works as Adult Services Manager of Co Action which is an Organisation that supports people with intellectual and physical disabilities. She has served on various subcommittees and working groups over her time with the Organisation.

Cllr Patrick Gerard Murphy (24/08/1971)2021-01-29T17:14:29+00:00

Pat too is one of the people involved with the Organisation since its inception and one of the founding members. He has been a Councillor for the past eight years and being a wheelchair user contributes to the Organisations strategy in supporting people with disabilities. He has taken a leave of absence from his post as Manager of Rehab Care but still contributes greatly to the Organisation. We are very proud that Pat is the present Lord Mayor of County Cork.

John Walsh (23/07/1968)2021-01-29T17:14:52+00:00

John joined the Board in 2002 and represents the Islands of West Cork.  He is the Manager of Beara Projects Group in Bere Island and he has served on several working groups and subcommittees in the Organisation.

Vicky Ridgeway (17/04/1961)2021-01-29T17:15:36+00:00

Vicky joined the Board in 2008 and is a Community Activist. She works in the care sector particularly with older people.

Gus O’Brien (26/04/1947)2021-01-29T17:15:59+00:00

Gus joined the Board in 2012 having retired as CEO of Bandon Co OP Gus is on the Audit and Finance working group and brings his wealth of knowledge in strategic planning and finance to the Organisation.

Jim Stack (20/07/1960)2021-01-29T17:16:21+00:00

Jim joined the Board in 2016 when the amalgamation of the other groups took place. He is a Community Activist and self-employed Business man involved in the motor industry. Jim represents the interests of North Cork area on the Board.

Sean McAuliffe (20/03/1947)2021-01-29T17:16:45+00:00

Sean too is a retired CEO of Kanturk Dairies and brings a wealth of Managerial experience to the Board. He joined the Board in 2017. He is also heavily involved in the GAA and general Community Activities in his locality.

Seamas de Róiste (30/06/1964)2021-01-29T17:17:10+00:00

Seamas joined the Board in 2008 and represents the Gaeltacht areas. He is a native Irish speaker and a Community Activist. His experience is in Health and Safety, quality control and transport operations.

Michael Crowley (10/05/1967)2021-01-29T17:17:38+00:00

Michael joined the Board in 2016. He is the Area Manager for the ETB in West Cork. He too brings a wealth of strategic knowledge to the Board and is very involved in his local Community activities.

Martina Casey (06/10/1967)2021-03-05T16:08:29+00:00

Martina joined the Board in 2020. Martina is a secondary  school teacher. She also helps with the running of the family farm. Martina is an member and is very involved in the IFA. Presently she is County Chairperson for West Cork Farm Family and Social affairs Committee and previously was secretary of the Macroom IFA Branch. Martina has also been the Munster representative on  the Management  team of this committee. She is a current  member of the Board of Management of St Marys Secondary School, Macroom and a past President of Coolcower  Bridge club.