Your Local Bus Service

Recent Board Meeting


Rural Transport Programme has been transferred to the National Transport Authority (NTA) and is now known as Local Link.

There are fifteen Local Link Companies operating the Rural Transport Programme Nationally. In Cork, Local Link Cork operates the services for the County from two offices, one in Bantry and one in Fermoy. The services are provided through a combination of private providers and our Company fleet.



  • To provide safe accessible rural community transport in Cork prioritising Older People, Youth and People with Disabilities

  • To provide a mechanism for enhanced co ordination of existing transport services

  • To develop a social enterprise where Community Transport is provided and delivered more efficiently and cost effectively at a local level.


  • Mr Neilie O’Leary (Chairman)

  • Mr Michael Collins (Vice Chairman)

  • Mr Con McCarthy (Secretary)

  • Mr Fergal Conlon (Joint Treasurer)

  • Mr Jim Stack
  • Mr John Walsh

  • Ms Siobhan Crowley

  • Cllr Pat Murphy
  • Mr Seamus De Róiste
  • Ms Vicky Ridgway

  • Mr Angus O’Conner

  • Mr Gus O’Brien

  • Mr Michael Crowley
  • Mr Sean McAuliffe
  • Ms Eileen O’Mahony


  • David O’Brien (General Manager)
  • Deirdre Daly (Financial Administrator)

  • Jack McNulty (Operations Manager)

  • Damien Tobin (Operations Manager)

  • Helen O’Driscoll (Office Administrator)
  • Steve Ellis (Development & Training Officer)
  • Brian Jukes (Assistant Financial Adm)
  • Max Pille (Office Admin)

  • Tiernan Martin (Office Admin)

  • Gosia Wanatowska (Office Admin)
  • Julie Harrington (Community Call/Cancer Connect)
  • Tim Cronin (Driver)
  • Michael Murnane (Driver)
  • Pat Daly (Driver)
  • Pat Fitzgerald (Driver)
  • Gerry McCarthy (Driver)
  • John O’Shea (Driver)
  • John O’Donovan (Driver)
  • John Veal (Driver)
  • Donal Whooley (Driver/Mechanic)
  • Ian Kingston (Driver)

  • Brendan Coone (Driver)

  • Donal Burke (Driver)
  • Peadar McSweeney (Maintenance Supervisor)
  • John Harrington (Driver)
  • Noel McDonagh (Driver)
  • Connie O’Conner (Driver)
  • Jim Flynn (Driver)
  • Kieran O’Regan (Driver)
  • Greg Hawskby (Driver)
  • Des Hennessy (Driver)
  • John O’Sullivan (Driver)
  • Ted Ryan (Driver)
  • Patrick Barrett (Driver)
  • Charlie Barry (Driver)
  • Tom Doherty (Driver)
  • Thomas O’Keeffe (Driver)
  • Martin Shanahan (Driver)